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      Apostolic Training Center


Destiny International Ministries started in the home of our Senior Pastor Shirley. R. Brown in January 2005, with approximately five people participating in Enrichment Studies. In March 2005, Destiny International Ministries moved to a community center. God strategically placed our ministry within a community where we could reach the very individuals we had purposed to touch and deliver. In September 2005, God opened doors for Destiny International Ministries to relocate to a store front, but we outgrew this location quickly and soon moved to a 5200 square foot facility in North Raleigh.  The favor of God continued to be on this ministry and in November 2012, we moved yet again to our current facility where our ministry continues to reach the lost and speak life into the hurt and wounded. Through Christ Jesus, individuals are being healed and set free because of God’s miracle-working power.

Destiny International Ministries stands on the Word of God with truth – no trickery, no manipulation, no intimidation, or domination, but true ministry. We are not traditional in our service, but we are a ministry that is free to operate under the five-fold ministry gifting. At Destiny International Ministries, people are taught to take God out of the box and are equipped with sound kingdom-building principles, so that they may operate with authority in their destined place. Networking within the body of Christ is key because of the mandate that God has bestowed upon His people.

Destiny Int’l Ministries will minister to the whole person by providing sound biblical teaching and revelation so to bring about a positive change in each life.

Destiny Int’l Ministries is determined to reach a world-wide audience with our style of deliverance and revelation. We are inspired to ordain and license ministers by the Word of God, for the furtherance of the Gospel throughout the world.

Destiny Int’l Ministries will work to set up foreign missions so to impact change throughout the world.

Destiny Int’l Ministries will establish a 24-hour childcare-parent facility for ‘special’ children, mothers, and fathers. Our definition of ‘special’ refers to children who are separated from their families (one or both parents) due to divorce, separation, abuse, and/or imprisonment (of one or both parents).

Destiny Int’l Ministries will establish a facility to work with women and men who are transitioning from divorce, abuse (physical or mental), or life circumstances. Each floor of the facility will provide temporary living quarters. One floor will serve as a 24-hour open prayer floor.

We want to be equipped to provide non-traditional services that can adjust to the parent/s work schedule. We will also assist individuals through networking with other churches, ministries, and community facilities.

Destiny Int’l Ministries will establish a training center for individuals that will assist them in moving from one phase of life to another. Course offerings will be designed using the Word of God as a Blueprint to equip individuals with valuable skills that will improve and enhance their daily lives.