Ursula Williams

After years of religion and traditional church, being spiritually abused and used, I was done with church.  I had decided I didn’t want to go to another church.  But, I was invited to attend Destiny and the moment I walked in the door, I knew there was something different about this place.  Destiny has been a place where I have been allowed to heal from past wounds, hurts, and disappointments.  I have grown leaps and bounds into a spiritually mature person.  Apostle Shirley Brown literally saved my life with the unconditional love and support that I have received.


Phyllis Jones

So glad the Lord lead me and my family to Destiny.  We were a large family in need of true ministry.  Apostle Brown has ministered to us all and I am truly grateful. I used to think I was unwanted, uncared for, and not loved. But Destiny through Apostle Shirley R. Brown, showed me I am someone; I am loved; I am cared for; and I am wanted.  Apostle showed me how much God loves me.

I have been so blessed here.  I have learned who I am.  I learned I am not crazy, but am a Citizen of the Kingdom.  I have learned about God and who He really is; learned how to access God and spend time with Him. I have learned to read the Bible (Word) and study.  I have learned how to listen to people, listen to myself, and listen to God speaking to me.

Apostle Brown is always praying for us.  When my family had a great need for prayer, Apostle was praying and fasting for us.  I am grateful for Destiny. I can now minister to the people, where they are.  I can listen to the people and hear God speaking through me to them.  I can pray and help them where they are. I learned this at Destiny.

Destiny International Ministry is more than a church, it is a hospital.  Tending to the people, ministering to the people, doctoring for the people, equipping the people, and sending them out.  Destiny International Ministry is my home and I am truly grateful for Apostle Shirley R. Brown and her family for always, always giving to us the people.  Destiny is a church home full of love.


Gwen Daniels

Destiny International Ministries has truly been a blessing to my 2 girls and me.  I have never committed myself to any one church until stepping foot in Destiny.  My girls and I have really grown in the Lord.  I now understand what it means to have faith in God without feeling embarrassed to give Him praise.  I can honestly say that when I step into Destiny – I am right at home!  They believe in praying for and encouraging others.  I thank them!  Growth has definitely been my portion!


Deborah J. Brown

My testimony about Destiny is two-fold and all in between.  I have had nothing but blessings and miracles since being at Destiny.  My first miracle was for myself.  I went to the altar for prayer after getting a report of cancer in my uterus and thyroid.  I did not tell the pastor what I needed prayer for, but she put her hands on my throat and another elder put her hands on my stomach.  I went away feeling the touch of God on me.  My second doctor’s report showed no cancer on both counts!  Amen!   The second miracle was for my husband.  He was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.  We believed in God’s diagnosis.  Apostle Brown said he would be healed.  This is year two of him being cancer free!  There is no God like my God!  There is no spiritual leader that I have met like my pastor!  I have other testimonies that I could share, but I would have to write a book.


Tonya A. Waldon

When I first came to Destiny some years ago I was tired of regular church and had a hard heart.  I’d been through lots of stuff and thought God didn’t love me and had no place for me.  However,  Apostle Brown taught me different.  She taught me so much about God and what He’s truly about: His everlasting love for His people and that He accepts me because He created me in His image.  She gave me a hunger for Him and His word that I  have never experienced – and I have been going to church since I was a toddler.  I haven’t to this day left service wondering if the message of the day was for me.  It has been quite the opposite.  Each message was for something that was either going to happen or had happened in the past week.  True food for my soul!  I love it so much I told my friends about it; one came with me, returned for more,  became my best friend, and is now my husband.  I am so blessed to be a part of Destiny International Ministries: a place where God comes first and is allowed to move in His way in His people!!

I’m very blessed to have three sons, one of which is in college.  Before he went to school for his first semester, I asked him to take off work, come to church with me so we could stand and agree in prayer with other Elders/Ministers within Destiny.  Apostle speaks on being properly covered and I know that in a college environment, being covered in prayer is the best I could do for him.  Min. Cedric Mebane prayed with my son and myself before my husband and I took him to school.  Not only was his financial situation taken care of with ease, but he made the Dean’s List and received offers to sing at campus events.  When the next semester came around, he was able to take off work again and come in to get a word and prayer.  Again, Min. Cedric prayed with my son.  When he returned to classes, he went to the Financial Office to inquire about the funding he was to receive but did not.  He received not one but two scholarships!  He also had received a notice that said he had an outstanding balance.  But when he inquired about it, he was told: “oh no, it’s a mistake.  This is a credit to you!”  Thank you Min. Cedric for being a servant of the most high God!!  And a big THANK YOU to Apostle Shirley R. Brown for allowing the gifts in God’s house to be used!!


Valerie “SongBird” Bell

When I first arrived at Destiny a few years ago. I was an angry and unhealthy individual. My mind, body, and spirit were in complete turmoil. I had been in “church” ALL of my life and I was just about done with it all, GOD included.  I was afraid of being hurt again by any of those ever again.  Nowadays, I am all smiles!  Since at Destiny I have seen God do miraculous things!  Not only around me, but for me and my children also!  My children have a love of Christ and for the Word.  I am proud to say I am now healthy – spiritually, physically, and emotionally and I am singing again!  I love myself and I have learned to love others, and let others love me.  I now know who I am.  Not only do I know who I am, but I know whose I am in the KINGDOM.  I thank God for the deliverance; for the teachings; but most of all for the love that I have felt since becoming a part of the ministry.  I thank God for Pastor Brown and the leadership that  make up the Destiny Family!  I am super excited about what is to come!!!


Valerie Stanberry

 I was praying and having conversation with the Father, when the phone rang.  It was a friend of mine.  His spiritual preference is Jehovah’s Witness, but he had not spoken to me for a few weeks because of our last conversation about Jesus.  I said “Hello” and he asked if I still wanted a job on 1st shift.  I said “yes”.  He said that a lady would call me named Donna in a few.  She called and asked me to come in for an interview at 2:30pm that day.  I had to be at work by 2:15pm, but my faith said “yes”.  So, I had the interview and got the job with a $3 an hour raise.  Now, the first day on the new job I did not feel too good about the atmosphere, but I went on golden in spite of it.  For some reason, the young lady would not really train me the way she should.  A couple of hours later the recruiter came by and called me to the side to tell me that they wanted to let me go.  The young lady told the supervisor that I couldn’t do the job.  Well, the recruiter took me and tested me on some things and said that I was fine.  On Friday, I had a better day so I thought.  The young lady was off for two days and I learned more in one day with another lady than in the two days with the first young lady.  Well, that night about 10:00pm the recruiter called sounding upset.  She said “I’m calling you to let you go”.  She said that I was perfect for the job, but it seems that the first young lady thinks I will take her job after she comes back from maternity leave so she told the supervisor things that were not true.  The recruiter said that was not the right environment for me and that she had a better job for me in another building that actually paid more money!  God is so good and He keeps His promises!  All you have to do is have faith, trust and believe in Him.  HALLELUJAH!


Greg Daniels

I managed to make it to church this morning (August 18) with mom and little sis.  Funny thing… been more than awhile since I’ve been.  As some might know, I’ve been going through some stuff… my ribs are broken and part of my lung was removed.  Been in some kinda awesome pain!  Keeps me hollering!  Anyway, sister and mom grab me up, pull me to the front and began praying.  I tell you no lie – my pain instantly stopped!  I looked up and there was Pastor who was behind the pew praying too.  She gave me direct eye contact.  Before I knew it, a fog lifted and I was on the floor under a blanket crying like a baby.  when I stood up, every ounce of pain was gone!!  I could take deep breaths!  Man, I don’t know about a lot of things but I do know one thing… there is a strong presence of God in this church and I now know first hand and the people next to me know.  They say six months to a year for my ribs to heal.  Devil is a lie cause whatever I went through took all the pain from me and I’m now about to have a church home.  I’m 42.  I’ve just been made a sho’nuff true believer!  Give God the praise!!  Amen.


Julie Graves

I have been at Destiny International Ministries since August 2007 and I have been tremendously blessed since I came.  God allowed me to be ministered to for a season and not minister in public to others.  After I was there for a short time, God put it in my spirit to leave a certain woman’s ministry that I had been a part of for several years.  It was very hard for me at first.  I was on the dance team and doing sign language for a season, but not doing something in the church that I love so much.  I was not singing.  Finally, after being ministered to by Pastor Shirley R. Brown and others at Destiny, God helped me to move forward.  He restored my joy and gave me a desire to sing on the Praise Team.  God strengthened me in my faith through the Praise and Worship that I experienced at Destiny as well as through the Word of God given by various ministers of Destiny – including Pastor Shirley R. Brown.  I know that the prayers of the people from Destiny have made a difference too.  I am so grateful that God blessed me to be a part of such a powerful ministry.  It’s because of the obedience of the people of Destiny to God that I am wonderfully changed.  I say thank you, thank you, thank you people of Destiny for being obedient to God so that I and others could be forever changed.


Jordan “J-Man” Jones

About a year ago – from age 8 up to 19 , I would cut myself when I would feel emotion or for something that I couldn’t handle.  And the only way to deal with it was to cause my own pain and then be able to take care of that.  And last year, I was with family and I had felt uncomfortable and they had hurt me.  So last year today, when they hurt me… I went on a cutting frenzy (I guess you could say).  And then that day, I had promised some people that I wasn’t gonna do it again.  Yesterday, the same exact thing happened; the same emotions came – but it was double because it happened again after I had confronted them about it.  This time I went to Ms. Kerri, Dimitri, and a couple of other people – I don’t wanna forget names – but this time, I just went to a friend’s house; I went to a movie and to a gym and totally forgot about it.  And so today marks the first year of no cutting!


Helena Coston

In March of 2012, there was a man texting on his phone and we were sitting at the light at Spring Forest and Capital, 3rd car back from the light – you remember so many details when it’s affected your life in that way … and he hit us!  No brakes or nothing; totaled my car; smashed my trunk into my back seat where my kids were sitting… and I hit the car in front of me also.  I was headed to the gas station right there on Spring Forest ‘cause I was on E.  And the officer told me “had you filled that car up” – I just didn’t make it there yet – “had you filled that car up, it would’ve probably exploded on impact”  ‘cause the little bit of gas that was in there was already running out on the ground.  So we were all transported to the hospital.  Minor bumps and bruises for my kids, but for me – it caused a lot of problems in my back.  I had to walk with a cane and get spinal injections; steroid injections in my spine… and I lost my job behind that – because I wasn’t able to go back to work.  I had a 14 year career in the Social Services and it’s been the longest year. Jesus.  That was March 24, 2012 and my family experienced a lot – financial difficulties; challenge, all kinds of stuff; a lot of things going wrong… and in that time, God kept us. God kept us – He really did!  I had unemployment until June, then our wonderful new legislature cut everybody off; no more extensions and I still didn’t find a job – other than a part-time position.  So I would come here and I would hear the Word and I was literally looking to absorb… everything. I would hear Patrice speaking and Brenda speaking. I would absorb everything and I began to apply it – even in my regular life; my daily life; my work search.  And so in June, money ran out – other than a part- time job.  And what was eminent was homelessness for me and my kids… this is what I was thinking. Okay, but this is September… and we’re still in the house.  And I had a part-time job; $80 a week… and we’re still in the house. And sometimes, you still can’t see it!  You still can’t see that God is sustaining you.  And I mean, I was complaining – not a lot verbally…nobody knows like my sister how I complain…it’s not like bold complaint… it was subtle, but it’s complaint… and she would encourage me.. “remember the Word, listen to the Word” . And again, I was hearing; I was trying to absorb what was being said, and to really soak it in and hold it. I mean, I didn’t want nobody to squeeze it.  I was really sensitive.  Don’t squeeze it ‘cause I need to hold the Word.  So, I worked the part-time position.  Then, I was here in service one Sunday.  And in that time, from June till now, the vehicle I did have began to have all kinds of problems.  I don’t know, but a lot of people would probably drive by and see me under my hood just to leave the church.  And last Sunday, I wasn’t gonna come because my car was really that bad.  But I told my sister, “I can’t sit here!”  From the time I woke up in the morning I said “I can’t sit here!”  When I come here, this is where I get my instruction.  This is where… it began to become a place for sanity in a sense.   I know I hear her (Pastor) say all the time – “it’s a hospital”.  And it was for me in a lot of ways.  So, I came here and I smoked all the way into the parking lot… smoking…smoking.   Got over there and parked my car.  Got out of it… and I let it smoke.  And I came in.  And I heard the word.. it was “Praise Him On The Steps”.  And I tell you, I knew that was it!  God was waiting for me to get something!  That was it!  Stop complaining, subtle or not – you complaining girl, shut up!  You ran out of money in June and it’s almost September and you’re still in the house!  And rent ain’t 80 dollars!  And so, it was tough but we were sustained.  And so, I was here one Sunday also and met a young lady and she said “why don’t you go apply at this place – Department of Instruction”.  And I did.  Because like I said, I get something and I go with it.  You know, I’m not the one to sit on information that I feel could be useful.  And so I did. People would say, “oh girl.. to get hired with the State – it takes months… it took me 6 months… took me 10… took me 11…” Well, it took me 4 days!! (She laughs and fans herself; congregation claps and cheers.)  So this is just all recent, and at the time that it happened, I took a job.  It was gonna be full time and I just started last week, but the pay was horrible.  But God is still… I’m gonna show you something; you think you’re educated and you think you’ve got all the experience you need.  And I said “I’ve never been unemployed this long… from March 24th (last year) till full time employed, Tuesday (Sept 3rd)”.  That’s a long time and I’ve never been unemployed that long.  And so, in that time God was showing me something at a different level.  I don’t like to need people.  And its okay, you might need everybody, but I need God. And He was showing me that.  And when you said (turning to Apostle Brown) to praise Him on the steps… I realized, I’m in my steps!  And when you showed the uncomfortable position when you’re on the steps, and you have to praise – um, that was visual for me. That was it!  That was it!  I think that was what He was waiting for me to get.  I’m like… “whoa, I wish you would’ve preached that when I first started coming here!  I might’ve got it then! (laughter)  I might’ve got it then and didn’t have to ride this horse for so long.”  But, I got it!  And then, she (Apostle Brown) said she was gonna take a lap.  There was a breakthrough in that, it really was.  It was obedience.  And again for me, it was open.  It challenged me personally – because of my physical limitations to do something like that.  I was sitting there debating… “okay – do I go ahead and do this?  Do I take this lap?  S’pose I don’t make it all the way around the church?  I’ma be embarrassed…”.  But my niece came and got me.  It was right when I was wrestling in my mind with “do I go ahead and do it?”  But I knew there was a breakthrough in it.  And when I did it, there was a difference! There was a difference!  It was all about obedience.  So, the day I got the call for this woman to tell me I got the job, my son missed the bus going to school.  What would usually take anybody in the world with a normal vehicle 20 minutes.. 15 minutes to run him down to school and come back, I was already 3 hours into this thing.  I had got him to school and I was trying to get back.  But I had to keep stopping to let it cool off, then keep going. And so, usually I would be complaining… subtle or not, I would be complaining.  But I remembered the word from Sunday to praise Him on the steps.  So as I was sitting there.. and this thing was smoking, I was telling my brother I look like I was in a music video, you know.  And I could’ve got out with the steam behind me and everything.  But you see how the complaining turned?  It was different, and I knew it was something different because I had heard the word.  So as I was sitting there, I turned the radio up and I was praising.  I was listening to the music and I was quiet, praising, listening… and the phone rang.  And usually when you are agitated, you answer the phone like you are agitated.. you say “Hello” (harshly).  But I didn’t do that.  I said “Hellooo?” (in a sweet voice).. all happy.. and it was the lady from the State calling me to tell me she wanted to offer me the job!   I’m sitting there with my car smoking!!  (laugh)  And so, it was just a breakthrough… and at that time, the case; the lawsuit had taken over a year already… and he called me also at that time and said “you can come pick up your checks, because we’ve settled”.  The first thought was… I felt overwhelmed and I was like “what?”  And I’m still sitting in my car – smoking, now… and all these phone calls are coming in and I’m hearing these things!!  It was refreshing and overwhelming and just… it was obedience!  Because I was doing what I’d heard… she said “praise Him on the steps”.  I didn’t start complaining; I didn’t look for somebody to text and say “Lord, girl – guess what just happened…this car… I’ve been 2 hours trying to get back to my house…” you know, I didn’t start all that.  I turned the radio up and I began to praise and began to just thank God… where I was, in the car – smoking, y’know… with all that going on.  And I’m just grateful to God… we settled that; I found a job.  And I started to remember where I had been, and God didn’t want me to remember necessarily all of where I had been.  It’s more like “I’m here… wherever you are; whatever you’re in –  I’m here! I’m here!”  And that was just so evident to me.  It’s just such a praise report.  And every word I hear in here, I’m literally absorbing it.  I just thank you Pastor… wow, wow, wow!!   I don’t even know how to put “that” into words… because, that word was the breakthrough.  It was what God was apparently waiting for me to get. And I am so glad that I got it. And I’m just so thankful to God.. Wow! Wow!  It was a tough place.  I remember when I came up here for prayer one Sunday; I didn’t say nothing to her (Apostle). She gave the microphone to somebody else, grabbed my arm, and we started walking.  I was like, okay I thought we were gonna pray.  And she said, “You have to walk this thing out.”  And I said, “Oh Lord, that meant to me that its not over yet!  I got some more walking to do!”  But, I didn’t even get it then!  I didn’t get that it was steps.  And I got it last Sunday!  Praise the Lord!


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